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An oasis to be discovered

The Lago Secco Oasis can be reached following the Sentiero Italia 300, the Norcia - Gran Sasso section. DIFFERENCE: 570 m

SLOPE TIME: 2.30 / 3 hours

DESCENT TIME: 2.00 / 2.30 hours


START POINT: The route is of medium difficulty, it starts from Valleforca, just above Illica, crosses the Plans of Illica until it reaches Fonte della Valle. From here we head towards the Agro Nero - Lago Secco - Macera della Morte deviation.

Direzione lago secco wwf Oasi - Illica

The path crosses woods, where you can admire the bushes of broom and wild roses, and streams of water. It is possible to start the excursion on foot starting from state road 4 Salaria, exit Illica - Poggio d'Api - entrance to the "Sorgenti del Tronto" Park near the Start bus stop (Rome-Ascoli Piceno-Rome) - following the indications for the SI.

By car, take the Salaria 4 state road, exit Illica - Poggio d'Api, entrance to the "Sorgenti del Tronto" park - after about 2 km you will reach the village of Illica and the Lago Secco B&B, and then continue until at the Valleforca junction for another 6 km approx.




From here you park your car and continue on foot follow the signs for the Oasis of the Secco Lake. For the excursion it is a good idea to equip yourself with a backpack, boots, anorak, hat, water bottle, camera and binoculars. When weather conditions are unstable we recommend heavy clothing and spare clothing. Guided tours of the Oasis - groups and schools - which include observation of characteristic botanical and zoological species, are organized by appointment, from May to October, both by the WWF - Lazio section and by our accommodation facility. Along the way, picnic areas are available.

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