Siamo pienamente coscienti dell'attuale situazione ed invitiamo a seguire i consigli dati dal governo. 

      Con la speranza che tutto vada bene               vi aspettiamo presto!

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About us

Ours is a well-established activity center of family-run tourist accommodation which takes its name from the nearby WWF Wildlife Oasis, Lago Secco, in the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park.

Our mission - Sustainable tourism

We believe  that tourism, entrepreneurial activity and respect for the environment go hand-in-hand

"Tourism is sustainable when its development preserves the activities connected to it for an unlimited time, without altering the natural, social and artistic environment, and does not hinder nor inhibit the development of other social and economic activities in the area". (CETS)

What we offer


Lago Secco B&B is the perfect starting point to explore the Apennine chain of Gran Sasso, Monti della Laga and Monti Sibillini. Mountain lovers, whether experts or not, can combine sports and wellness with the discovery of unique scenarios such as the Pleistocene lakes of Pilato. Our B&B provides local guides for all those who request it.

The proximity of the B&B to Amatrice allows our guests to taste the authentic Amatriciana pasta dish, not to mention Gricia pasta or the even more famous Carbonara. All dishes are created with local ingredients.

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